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We stock the largest assortment & variety of confetti cannons and streamers cannons in Australia. Whether it be our standard Handheld Confetti Cannons right through to our specialists variety such as Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons, there is sure to be a product to suit your requirements.

$39.95 inc. GST
$34.95$39.95 inc. GST
$54.95 inc. GST
$49.95$54.95 inc. GST
$34.95 inc. GST
$34.95 inc. GST

Handheld Cannons

Confetti Cannon

$29.95$33.95 inc. GST
$39.95 $32.95 inc. GST
$49.95 inc. GST

Custom Cannons

Fake Money Cash Cannon

$34.95 inc. GST

It’s no secret that cannons, launchers and blasters are rising in popularity; and who can be surprised with the amount of safe fun and wonder they bring to any event!

Whether you’re hosting an event on a large scale, have been tasked with planning a party and are looking for a confetti cannon to take the fun to the next level, or if you’re expecting and require a gender reveal cannon for the big day, we have the complete range available to you.

From compact hand-held cannons to large blasters and even the typhoon gun, discover what you’ve been looking for at FX Factory.

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