New Powerdrop Kabuki

Our Powerdrop Kabuki Hire Kits are now available and they are more than capable of doing a full size stage reveal with multiple units. They are heavy duty with 15kg rating per unit and built to last. They are a simple design by Nulight yet it’s best keeping these things simple rather than complicate unnecessary functions or features.

Powercon Input & Output with a LED indicating power/trigger is all it takes to set off your perfect reveal!

If you are interested in a cased 10 unit touring pack please contact us direct for pricing. 

As always, head over to Newtone Entertainment to hire these units, available for hire Australia wise.

Make that stage reveal go off like clock work with our kabuki system and stay away from outdated low voltage and unreliable kits out there that fail and tend to leave you embarrassed, rather than amazed & excited!

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