Holi Powder Safety Guarantee

Holi powder! This Judge pronounces every cloth as guilty in her court. Its use is an increasing way of having fun, especially for people who engage in playing with artificial holi colors, not just to commemorate the advent of the spring, but at other events such as large fundraisers, wide-ranging parties and other events that involve children. The use of these artificial colors is credited more to Eastern Asians and the Hindus, who usually are the more patronizers of this product, as they used it to celebrate the new spring as it comes forth.

Cheap Holi Powder – It’s not as good as it sounds!

These holi powders come in different colors and they make the atmosphere a pleasure to behold as the different shades and hues of color serenade the air and give the impression of gaiety on every side you look.  All too often, cheap holi powders are used in most of these events. These cheap holi powders are not just cheap but uncensored, possessing a lot of dangerous side effects. Aside from the study of Bossmann et al., (2016) which shows that these cheap powders can cause inflammatory problems, usage of holi formulations that are below standard can cause the following:

  • Blindness
  • Holi powder deaths
  • Skin allergies
  • Erythema
  • Acute nail-fold inflammation
  • Abrasions
  • Fire outbreaks and a whole lot of hazards.

In fact, these colors have resulted in the incidences of keratopathy in patients; an inflammation of the cornea, and epithelial defect, a form of eye irritation caused by a scratch, foreign bodies or chemical exposure.

Holi Powder Dangerous Ingredients

These colors are actually chemical substances which are “heavy” by chemistry definition. For instance, the black color is lead oxide, while the red is mercury sulfate. These cheap holi powders are rightly so-called because not only are they cheap, the market is highly out of government regulations and thus, there is little or no censorship of its production processes and compositions, hence the hazards and frightening statistics that have trailed its use ever since resulting in holi powder death.

Skin professionals have also frowned at the use of these synthetic chemicals and how harmful they can be to the user. They have unanimously agreed that natural coloring such as those obtained from organic sources is always better than the heavy chemicals now in place. Henna, hibiscus flowers, and turmeric are nice sources of color powder for green, red and yellow colors respectively.

No doubt, the idea of fun and partying is a welcome one, but when safety and all that accompanies it is made a secondary consideration, there is bound to be trouble. As the sole Australian importer of European original holi powder, I can now authoritatively say that you can do your color without any worry of how safe you will be.  I present to you a powder that is bereft of any form of adulteration. Many a time, the holi powders commonly used have a tendency to become combustible and harmful, but here is one with evidence of flameproof testing, that can be used at any place and time without any fear of such occurring. It has true safety sheets, and what’s more, it comes readily in more colors than one can imagine. The usual hazards that come with normal holi powders like holi powder flame resulting in fire, allergies, blindness, and the rest are completely nonexistent in this case.

So, whether it is a school event, fundraiser, color runs, or any event of whatever sort, my safe and environment-friendly holi powder is the best bet for a safe celebration. Why not give it a try today?