FX Factory Website Revamped

We have been working for some time now a more adaptable & functional website that can sustain our growth both in market segmentation and product offerings. We are pleased with the new result of our website and hope you enjoy your browsing experience. We have streamlined the entire ordering process including the check out being much simplified. Some of the new features include:

  • Fast & Responsive live product search
  • Filter all products by colour
  • Live economical worldwide shipping quotes (via DHL)
  • Live currency converter
  • Sales section showing all discounted products
  • Wish list or what we call Favorites

As you can imagine we have big things planned for FX Factory in the near future and appreciate all our customers and orders both via the website & ebay store. We will be releasing soon a new brand of diffraction glasses & eye wear as long as continually updating our PaintGlow product range & accessories. If it’s special effects you’re after we aim to have it all in the one place for you, right here!