FX Factory Raises Benchmark for Confetti

Sydney based entertainment supplies company, FX Factory, is disrupting the status quo in the Australian confetti market with their premium quality confetti.

With so many confetti brands on the market, flooded with Chinese factory prepacked and underweight/low pressure cartridges customers can easily get confused and settle for the least expensive confetti or the brand that has the most confetti in their package. But when it comes to FX Factory’s confetti there is no doubt about the overall quality and standard of the product.

What Makes FX Factory Confetti Different

FX Factory stocks the most diverse range of confetti in Australia. From circle and rectangular tissue confetti to heart and star metallic confetti, there is a shape and colour to complement the theme of any occasion. The company also guarantees more confetti than all of their competitors. Moreover their custom higher pressurised cartridges ensure that their confetti travels a further distance than all other confetti brands on the market.

Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons & Holi Cannons Custom Packed

To ensure strict quality control, FX Factory’s confetti are packed locally in Sydney Australia.

But it’s not just providing variety, volume and quality to their customers. Safety is at the heart of every product the company sells. All confetti sold by FX Factory is 100% Fire proof and colour fast. And if it’s an event where candles are a highlight, the fire proof characteristic offers event organisers one less thing to worry about.

Established in 2017, however our parent company has been well established since 2010. FX Factory has established a solid reputation for providing high quality products and friendly, expert customer support. Juan G. summed up the overall value and appeal of the snow confetti. He said: “It is a fantastic product and of excellent quality. It had full coverage of my exhibit. It’s very fluffy and really looks like real snow. The shipment was very fast.”

FX Factory’s confetti are competitively priced from as low as $34.95 for a kilogram of confetti. For further information or to browse the company’s selection of confetti, visit: https://www.fxfactory.com.au