FX Factory Now Accepts Afterpay!

We have some big news to reveal that is worthy of a party itself: we’re now accepting Afterpay here at FX Factory! That’s right, now you can buy your FX supplies with more flexibility.

What is Afterpay?

Afterpay is a payment solution that businesses across the country are using to offer their customers more flexibility. It is a lifesaver for many customers, and after hearing your demands for it, we’re bringing it to our checkout!

With Afterpay, you can pay off purchases big and small in installments in a time frame that works for you. Whether you want to pay off your supplies in a few months or weeks, you have the flexibility to do so!

Party Now, Pay Later

The show must go on, and with Afterpay, if your funds are tied up in other areas of the party, you can still get the premium confetti and party supplies you need to make sure your party is the best it can be!

Simply go through the payment process as you usually would and select the Afterpay option before you pay. You’ll be able to set up the terms of the payment from there including the number of payment periods and payment amount per period.

That’s it! You’ll receive your party supplies in no time without having to spend a single cent upfront. Enjoy your awesome supplies and party worry-free thanks to Afterpay.

The Best Part

One more thing: you won’t need to pay extra for Afterpay! Yup, no interest rates or fees to worry about. As long as you make your payments on time, Afterpay services are free of charge to you! We’re taking the hit to give you more flexibility and choices in your partying.

Try it Now!

Afterpay is live on the site now! Head on over to the shop, find your supplies for your next party and checkout with Afterpay today!

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