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Our Vision FX features diffraction glasses in various assortments and a range of LED Glasses & Effects. Suitable for all ages and many fun events and scenario’s. Highest quality & great prices!


Extreme EL Glasses

Extreme EL Glasses

$49.95 $39.95 inc. GST



$6.95 inc. GST

The Vision FX range of eyewear at FX Factory is suited for event-goers of all ages. Providing a stylish touch to any party, festival or event, the FX range of LED glasses can be purchased in bulk for event organisers to hand out at a rave, dance events, or simply to provide eye protection during special effects.

If you’re going to an event and are looking for stylish, reliable eyewear with UV protection as standard, then you can also buy a singular pair of FX eyewear in your favourite, vibrant colour.

Discover the 5-star rated range of Vision FX eyewear available at FX Factory today.

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