Basic Tips On Using Liquid Latex

Using liquid latex can be a nightmare for beginners. Check out these basic tips!

Liquid latex (sold by us under the PaintGlow brand) is a staple for theater buffs and costume makeup artists. But using this handy product can easily turn into a sticky, unprofessional-looking mess. Below, we provide you with an overview on how to use liquid latex so that it looks as great—with as little mess as possible.

What You’ll Need

  • Brush or a soft sponge
  • Moisturising lotion or creme
  • Liquid Latex (der)
  • Hair Dryer or similar
Follow thse guidelines, adapted in part from Make-up Designory’s book on Character Make-up:
  1. If you’ll be covering a large area of skin, apply a light coat of moisturizing lotionbefore using the liquid latex.
  2. Before applying the liquid latex, shake the bottle extremely well.
  3. Using a brush or a sponge, apply a thin coat of the liquid latex to the desired area. A common mistake beginners often make when learning how to use liquid latex is not preserving their brush or sponge after use. Make sure to pause your application and rinse your tools immediately in soapy water to wash off the liquid latex before it dries on your tool!
  4. If you plan to apply multiple coats of latex for your look, a blow dryer can come in handy. After each layer, quickly dry the latex so you can move onto the next coat.
  5. To remove the liquid latex from your skin, simply scratch loose an edge and peel off.

Avoid getting latex on your hair by shaving or using a light coating of vegetable oil on areas like eyebrows first.

Try making wrinkles with liquid latex, or a special wrinkle stipple. Pull the skin outward while applying, drying, and powdering the latex. Then, release the skin for a perfectly wrinkle-y look. Read this post about how to make an old age look using liquid latex.

Some Pro Tips!

If you want to make a cut using liquid latex, paint a wide strip of latex to your desired size. After it dries, roll the edges towards the center and coat with another layer of latex. Learn how to use latex appliance to make an authentic-looking head wound.

For durable and exotic fantasy designs, try using colored liquid latex.

Zombie Skin FX Latex, has the consistency of whipped cream, and is great for filling in and smoothing edges for blending.

No mess—now that you know how to use liquid latex, you’ll be able to create the look you want today. Whether it’s old age, cuts, or scars, liquid latex can help you achieve the perfect look. Stay tuned for more specific examples, and if you haven’t yet, read our posts on how to create an old age look, a gruesome zombie look, or a head wound with liquid latex!

Adapted partially from Mallatts.